Friday, February 25, 2011

Settling in...

This is Susie (Bonnie's mom!), updating the blog for Bonnie...

Some random factoids, not necessarily in order of importance:

  •  Taylor and Bonnie are safe and well.
  • What we think of as “basic conveniences” are pretty non-existent right now, for the Congo Clinch Family.  Electricity is “messed up,” internet access is very rare, and the water is off and on.  They’ve called an electrician, but reliability is also an issue.
  • They’re going to a wedding on Saturday, and reception for the bride and her family on Friday.  They’re both really excited to see how marriage traditions play out in the Congo.
  • They’re finalizing plans for their stay.  Looks like highlights will include staying a week with a Congolese family, a visit to a clinic, preaching (Taylor), and (Bonnie) working at “Tracy’s Heart,” an organization that aids rape victims.
  • They’ve met so many new people, and are beginning to learn some Swahili.  The people there are very helpful with the language, but also laugh at them when they get it wrong!
  • They are staying in a beautiful location that overlooks the city and the lake.  They have done their Bible study outside at sunset, and just love it.  The Buells have a dog named Condi, who is named after Condaleeza Rice, because she is black, beautiful and smart.  J
  • Taylor and Bonnie are being challenged and are excited and motivated to minister to the Congolese people.

More later!

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