Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You are cordially invited to join Taylor and I, this evening, at Ed and Brenda’s house for a loud, messy, crowded party. You see, Ed and Brenda are leaving in just a few minutes to go to Kigali. They are picking up the Bairds and bringing them back here tomorrow afternoon. Taylor and I now have the house to ourselves today and tomorrow. We decided to throw a big party and all of you are invited!

And it’s no joke. If any of you show up at the gate tonight, I will gladly let you in. And we will party hardy.

Okay but really, here’s an update.

Sunday was church. We went to JP’s church, the man who picked us up when we first arrived in Rwanda and took us into Congo. He’s a good friend of Ed and Brenda’s. When we got there, JP told me if I wanted to walk around and take a few pictures, I was welcome to do so. I was thinking, “Okay, but why?” I asked Brenda why he said that, and Brenda told me that he just meant while Taylor is preaching. Blank stare. Taylor is preaching? We never got the memo. I asked Brenda if Taylor knew he was preaching, and she gave me a blank stare right back. Ed and Taylor were on stage because they were special guests. So Brenda went up to ask Ed about the sermon and Ed said they have it worked out. Ed ended up preaching and I think it was a good one, especially since he just winged it, but I don’t understand Swahili. So I’m just going by people’s reactions.

The mix up happened earlier this week. Ed told us we should both be working on whatever we’re going to teach about; Taylor needs to figure out a sermon, and I need to figure out a kids Sunday school lesson. When we were both working on them, Taylor asked Ed about his and how long it should be, and Ed assumed he knew he was preaching this Sunday. Ed thought JP told Taylor earlier in the week, and when Taylor was working on his, Ed thought he was being specific to this Sunday. Whoops. He wasn't. He was just preparing a sermon for some Sunday in case he needed to preach.

Well, God is good and worked it out.  Ed did just fine and Taylor will finish his sermon and preach it some other time.

Monday was a busy day for us. We are preparing for the Bairds' arrival, so we did a lot of cleaning around the house, then we went to their house and swept the whole place out, cleaned the bathrooms, and dusted. We got back when it was dark and rainy, played cards and went to bed.

Today, I am making curry for lunch, then hopefully Taylor and I can go kayaking. We need to clean our bathroom and move our stuff out of the Bairds' room and into the guest room before they get here tomorrow. Also, we have to prepare for the big party tonight. So, we’ll see you then?

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  1. We'll be there in spirit!!
    We love you guys! God's Blessings on all you do and how he uses you!! Patrick & Cynthia