Saturday, March 5, 2011

A quick jotting from Taylor

Things are well. We got a permit from the government to take pictures in public while here in DRC. It would have been nice to get one for the whole time we are here, but it is pricey, so we will just use what we got. We are taking lots of pictures and video. If we could, we would upload our video blogs, but it would prolly take till the last day we are here to upload just one.
We just got back from choir practice at one of the local churches. It was mostly youth with two older people there as well. Bonnie is learning a song in Swahili and will sing with them one Sunday. I did a lil beat boxing, and some drumming, and some beat-boxing with a harmonica as well. I hope to have a couple digeridoos made that I can use as well. It takes some time to get bamboo here cuz nothing ever happens fast in Africa. I have 1 made thus far, it is taller than me and is the lowest pitch i have heard out of a digeridoo. Being that low, it takes LOTS of air to sustain. Circular breathing with that much air required is much harder, so we will see how it works. To make it even more finicky of a Digeridoo, it is hard to even get the right pitch at all, it always wants to force too high a pitch... enough about bamboo.

We will be going to a different church tomorrow, the one the wedding was held at.

It is raining again. it rains just about every day, but i don't mind much. I am still on the search for a soccer field close by. I see kids playing soccer with a plastic bottle, but no fields because land is worth so much in the city, anyone who has it either develops it or sells it to be developed.

We toured a primary school yesterday as one of the stops on our 7 or 8 mile walking tour. After the tour of the school was over, we were invited back to teach some classes later in our stay. we are really excited about the things God is laying before us and hope and pray we get time to bless as many people as possible.
Bonnie made some KILLER Guacamole today with lunch.
I (Taylor) am always last out the door and into the car... I was born in African time, as many of my friends will attest to. lol
What to pray for? Bonnie’s ear was acting up and seemed like an ear ache could be coming on. Her stomach isn't adapting the best (just hurts sometimes, but it did that in the states too). I think i am eating to much salt, and it is causing my stomach to be not happy with me, so i am trying to balance that out. Praise God for his wonderful design and his character. Do that for/with us.

A soldier for Thee, God,

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  1. Question for you two. We recently heard of a mission group that accepts flip flops to pass out to tribes in Africa so they have something to wear on their feet. We plan on making several sets of flip flops with our kids on Wednesday nights. I have no problem sending them to an organization I found online but wondered if the group you're working with could have any use for them instead. Thought I'd ask. You can email me at

    Praying for you guys!